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All About Destiny

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Helping young people discover their purpose and destiny through the disciplines of athletics!

You Have a Destiny

We believe that God has an intended plan and journey for every person.  However, each person has the responsibility of seeking God in order to find out what is in the heart of God for his or her life.

Fun, Exciting Programs & Competitions

At Destiny, we are intentional in making sure those who attend have fun and have an exciting time.  When I discovered as a young Christian that it is ok to have fun coupled with God's word, I knew we would effectively reach youth.

Young people like to be challenged, at Destiny, since our inception, have provided challenging activities.  Coach Rex has a background in sports, he understands how to challenge and motivate young people to fulfill their ultimate potential.

Show me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou [art] the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.  Psalms 25:4-5, KJV


Seven Impact Strategies

  1. The Destiny Project Curriculum
  2. Destiny One-on-One
  3. Destiny Skills
  4. Team Destiny
  5. Destiny Link
  6. Destiny Summer Training Camp 
  7. Destiny Camp